How the New York Times adapted to the Internet

How can the 165 years old New York Times adapt to the Internet era? Maybe by thinking like a tech startup. It’s easier to say than to do.

A very interesting episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka on how a 165 years old media like The New York Times can (and need to) adapt to the Internet. The guest are New York Times editors Sam Dolnick and Clifford Levy.

This story also highlights that with The Signal I try myself to find new ways of communicating science and analysis not that often seen elsewhere in an economic viable way.

We often hear the Internet changed a lot of things. In the case of the media, this is absolutely true.

The New York Times has to think like a tech startup (Sam Dolnick and Clifford Levy, editors, New York Times) – Recode Media with Peter Kafka

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