Reference managers

References managers are awesome tools that helps to stay organised while reading scientific literature. I personally use Mendeley, because it’s cross-platform, super handy when it comes to recommend new items and reliable.

  • Mendeley
  • Papers
  • Zotero
  • PaperShip
  • Sente
  • EndNote


I have a MacBook Pro for my daily use, and I also have a workstation at my office running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Here are some tips and useful things to ease the practice of coding on these two platforms.


  • homebrew: package manager for macOS (added 30 May 2016)


  • pyenv: simple Python versions manager (added 30 May 2016)


  • RStudio: integrated development environment for R, a must-have (added 30 May 2016)



Emails clients for macOS

Besides the built-in (which is pretty good), other email clients exist on macOS. I use Airmail, because it’s powerful, pretty well-designed and it syncs very well with the iOS version of Airmail (iPhone, iPad).

  • Microsoft Outlook (if you use an Exchange server)

Password manager

While somehow a niche product, password managers are a great way to use strong passwords all the time – and then to enhance security of your online accounts (because using the same password everywhere is super risky).

Password managers on macOS

I use 1Password, because it’s beautiful, powerful and very well integrated with the Apple ecosystem (more precisely, I have a 1Password Teams Pro account with a 50% discount, because I prefer to smooth my payments for the app during the year instead of paying one time a bigger amount of money).

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass (online, cross-platform)

Tasks managers

Being organised is critical for anyone who wants to achieve more while doing less. The best way to do that is to rely on a good task manager.

Tasks managers for macOS

I tried a lot of them, but I realised I need something powerful that I can customise a lot. Even if it’s a bit pricey and sometimes quite heavy, OmniFocus is still my choice. I especially love the Forecast tab.

  • Remember The Milk (online, cross-platform)
  • Todoist (online, cross-platform)
  • Things (Mac, iOS)
  • Wunderlist (online, cross-platform)
  • iCloud Reminders (online, cross-platform)
  • 2Do (Mac, iOS, sync with Dropbox)

Text expansion

As password managers, text expansions apps are quite a niche product. They allow to type one word and to automatically replace it by something else. For instance, if I type it can be transformed in just like that. Huge time savers.

Text expansion apps for macOS

I personally use TextExpander – because it’s the only one that syncs well with an iOS counterpart. Nevertheless, Smile, the company behind it, recently changed the pricing model to a subscription one, and the new price is just insane (4,16$/month for that, is that a joke?). Fortunately, because I was a customer already I got a Life Hacker plan with a 50% discount, but w/o this discount I would have probably changed for something else.

  • TextExpander
  • Alfred 3